The Streaming Signal Can’t Be Stopped

American cable television aficionados have long suffered the heavy yoke of the cable industries inflexible packaging of channels. For years consumers have railed against this design and have requested more flexible options rather than paying for content that they rarely, if at all, access. It’s a ridiculous position that they have placed American consumers in leaving them with no choice but to turn to streaming services. I did it myself after growing tired of Dish in Syracuse; cable was the other alternative, of course, assuming I wanted to pay out more money than I felt comfortable with. I was tired of the bill.

Who doesn’t grow tired of paying the same bill every single month? Nothing changes when you pay it. Streaming services are the inevitable future – already we’re seeing change rapidly progress thanks to companies like HBO and Showtime testing the waters with their own content providing platforms. Showtime has partnered up with Hulu to bring their shows to more American households while HBO Go will be released without the cost of a cable subscription package which is currently the only way to subscribe to HBO. Netflix had been quietly working behind the scenes by helping finance Roku, the first and most consumer accessible streaming box (outside of gaming platforms).

It’s the Roku, the Amazon Fire, the Apple TV along with Microsoft’s XBOX and Sony’s Playstation that are going to pave the way for a better cable industry. Entertainment should not be held captive behind a paid walled garden nor should consumers be forced to pay for packages they want nothing to do with. Streaming has changed the industry which has sent the cable providers, who also serve as major ISPs, scrambling for damage control. It’s not going to work; they’re too late to stop the streaming signal of consumerism.