Setting Prices when You Are Doing SoundCloud Marketing

If you sell CDs of your music and make a profit of a few dollars on each one, how many do you need to sell to support the lifestyle you want to live? If you play at a local gig and sell tickets, how many people need to attend so that you can earn enough to pay your mortgage, car payment and college for your kids? I think that SoundCloud marketing offers a way to get noticed by the masses who have a tremendous amount of buying power.

Let’s say you burn your own CDs and sell them and make five bucks profit on each one. It takes selling a thousand of them to make five grand. If you sell a million copies of your music online and only make a dollar for each one as a profit, you have earned a cool million dollars! You want to reach the most amount of people even if you are selling at a lower profit level. The nation’s biggest retailer gets that premise and is making billions every year doing that. They sell cheap and sell a lot. They are selling more because they are selling cheap.

Now when it comes to SoundCloud marketing that leads to sales of your music, you do not want to underprice your product. If it looks too cheap, people will consider it cheap and of little value. Sell it at the same rate the pros are selling their compilations, albums and individual tracks for. Offer a temporary discount or package deal to boost sales, but do not undervalue your work. People will pay more for what they want. Just get the word out with some samples of what you have. Do not give your art away for free. People are willing to pay more for good work.