Rebuilding the Garage After the Fire

A really bad fire broke out in my garage last month. The fire was started by some old rags that were in the garage. While doing some work in the garage, a spark flew onto the rags and they started burning. I rushed to the kitchen to get he fire extinguisher from underneath the sink and ran back to the garage to put out the fire. By the time I got back to the garage, the fire was out of control and I had to call the fire department. I needed garage door repair service because the garage had become so burnt.

The fire department was able to put out the fire before it was able to spread to the rest of the house. Had the rags continued to burn, they would have reached the furnace and the hot water heater, which might have caused an explosion. The fire would have also burned down the support for the house, and the entire upstairs would have come crashing down. A lot of my tools were burned in the fire. Some survived, because they were just made of metal, and only got a little charred. Others had rubber bits that were melted, and some had motors that were damaged.

The repair of the garage was quite a task to handle. Since most of my tools had been burned, I couldn’t do the job by myself. I called a repair service and they put new doors on the garage and helped me clear away some of the debris from the fire. My favorite work bench was damaged in the fire. I had to build another one from scratch using some wood that I purchased from the hardware store. I put the bench together on the garage floor using the tools that were still functional.