I Needed a New Fitness Challenge

I am a bit of a fitness nut. I have tried all kinds of workout programs, like Insanity and others designed to push a person to their limits. Sometimes they are hard, but I am always able to master them pretty fast. That is why I needed a challenge, because I was growing bored with my workout regime. A guy at my gym heard me telling a friend this, and he suggested that I look at the Navy Seal workout program online. He had found himself in a similar situation, and he told me that this program is the first one that nearly kicked his butt.

I could tell that he was not just spouting words. He was in great shape, so I knew that if something could do that to him, I wanted to try it too. I went home and looked at the program online, and I was impressed right from the start. I wanted to get started right away, because I knew that a program designed by a Seal would be anything but easy. I had seen documentaries and films about them, so I knew that it was more than likely one of the hardest workouts in the world.

I went ahead and got signed up for the program. While I was waiting for my first instruction, I looked at some of the testimonials on the page. There were fitness trainers, MMA fighters, and professional athletes who did this and all of them stated how hard it was. That just got me even more excited to try it, because I was so ready for a challenge like this. That was nearly three months ago, and to say that it was everything I expected is an understatement. I feel ready for anything now though because I am getting through this, even with how hard it is!