Growth Relied on the Changeover to Automation in Our Packaging

We were hand packing boxes of product when we first put together our limited production line. Most of the individual product packaging was also done by hand. We bought some bag fillers that use the continuous rolls of film to package our food product, and a few months later we added case packers by JLS Automation to put the individual bags into shipping boxes that go out to the retail stores. The boxes are then stacked on pallets, wrapped in clear plastic film and put on trucks.

I remember when we first made our product not all that long ago. We used to scoop it into individual boxes and sell a day’s worth of product every day. Then when we perfected our preservation process and added the continuous form fill and seal baggers, we had a product that had a much longer shelf life. We could then deliver to stores much farther away. All of this meant more customers and more product for us to prepare each day.

We are going to have to move to a larger production facility in a few months. We are working to get ahead of orders to ease the move and transport of all of our new packaging and boxing equipment. Our growth is attributable to the automation that makes it possible to bag and box more and more product each day. If we decided to keep boxing by hand, we would only be selling a few van fulls of product to local stores every day. This way we are adding employees to our workforce and steadily increasing product sales to fuel more growth.

Even when we have a fully automated packaging line, we will not lose a single employee. All of our packaging department that is no longer needed to box up our product is being retrained to work in other areas of the plant and offices.