Getting Started on the Christmas Shopping

I have just decided to get a head start on my Christmas shopping and the thing I am doing first is to figure out who is on the list and how much I should spend on everyone. The family as a whole is going to probably get a big screen TV for the living room. So I have been checking out the 2015 cyber Monday TV deals to see what the basic cost of what I am seeking is going to be. There are all sorts of things you can get on a new TV obviously. I am not sure which thing is the best for the family. The 3D sets seem like something of a gimmick for example and there does not seem to be a whole lot of things that you can watch in 3D, or at least not too much which I would be that interested in seeing. Most of it seems to be animated kid’s movies and that sort of thing. Some of them might be worth the effort, but I figure that you need a real good reason to wear those glasses. I have been checking out the Smart TV features and wondering exactly how good that is going to be. In essence you can build a TV with a bunch of electronics built into it if you want. They basically have a TV which has it’s own home theater PC built into it. I am not sure what is too much or not enough. Some of them are pretty cheap and have these features, but they do not seem to be that terrific. In fact I am wondering how good one of the Ultra HD TV sets would be. As in other new platforms there is not much programming that is available in this type of HD.